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RVHyper: A Runtime Verification Tool for Temporal Hyperproperties


We present $$\backslashtext {RVHyper}$$RVHyper, a runtime verification tool for hyperproperties. Hyperproperties, such as non-interference and observational determinism, relate multiple computation traces with each other. Specifications are given as formulas in the temporal logic $$\backslashtext {HyperLTL}$$HyperLTL, which extends linear-time temporal logic (LTL) with trace quantifiers and trace variables. $$\backslashtext {RVHyper}$$RVHyperprocesses execution traces sequentially until a violation of the specification is detected. In this case, a counter example, in the form of a set of traces, is returned. As an example application, we show how $$\backslashtext {RVHyper}$$RVHypercan be used to detect spurious dependencies in hardware designs.

Konferenz / Medium

Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems



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2019-07-18 12:09:24