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Developing a Psychometric Scale to Measure One’s Valuation of Other People’s Privacy


Researchers invested tremendous efforts in understanding and measuring people’s perceptions, concerns, attitudes, and behaviors related to privacy risks from data gathering by online platforms, mobile devices, and other technologies. However, technology users often risk other people’s privacy by sharing their data actively (e.g., posting photos taken at public places online) or passively (e.g., granting mobile apps to access stored contacts). Moreover, technologies that continuously sense the environment and record behaviors and activities of everyone around them (e.g., smart assistants) are becoming pervasive. Thus, an instrument to quantify how much one values other people’s privacy is essential to understand technology adoption, attitudes and behaviors related to collecting and sharing data about non-users, inform the design of adaptive privacy enhancing technologies, and developing personalized technological or behavioral interventions to raise awareness and mitigate privacy risks. This abstract details a preliminary study towards developing such as scale. We report the methods of generating the initial item pool and findings from a pilot survey. We hope to get feedback from the community to improve the research design during the poster presentation.

Konferenz / Medium

Eighteenth Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security



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