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Rate-1 Incompressible Encryption from Standard Assumptions


Incompressible encryption, recently proposed by Guan, Wichs and Zhandry (EUROCRYPT’22), is a novel encryption paradigm geared towards providing strong long-term security guarantees against adversaries with bounded long-term memory. Given that the adversary forgets just a small fraction of a ciphertext, this notion provides strong security for the message encrypted therein, even if, at some point in the future, the entire secret key is exposed. This comes at the price of having potentially very large ciphertexts. Thus, an important efficiency measure for incompressible encryption is the message-to-ciphertext ratio (also called the rate). Guan et al. provided a low-rate instantiation of this notion from standard assumptions and a rate-1 instantiation from indistinguishability obfuscation (iO). In this work, we propose a simple framework to build rate-1 incompressible encryption from standard assumptions. Our construction can be realized from, e.g. the DDH and additionally the DCR or the LWE assumptions.

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TCC 2022



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