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Sebastian Klöckner

Cas Cremers at Falling Walls 2020

Finalist in the category "Engineering and Technology

CISPA Faculty Prof. Cas Cremers is a finalist in Falling Walls Remote 2020 and was nominated in the category "Engineering and Technology".  Falling Walls is looking for the scientific breakthroughs of the year. 

Cas Cremers has worked extensively with the DP-3T consortium to ensure that contact tracing apps for COVID-19 infected individuals are privacy compliant. He was nominated for this work at Falling Walls.

This year, the conference will not take place in Berlin as usual, but will offer worldwide virtual events. 

Over the summer, leading scientific institutions from around the world nominated their breakthroughs of the year in ten areas of science - from life sciences to science engagement projects. Around 600 finalists were selected.

The selected winners will be presented and discussed in a Winner Session (November 4-8). The Grand Final will take place on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9 at 13.00 CET. Here the ten breakthroughs of the year - The Falling Walls Breakthroughs of the Year - will be ceremonially honored.