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Sebastian Klöckner

Important questions and answers on CISPA during the Corona Pandemic

How does CISPA react to the current corona pandemic?

We are currently experiencing an extreme situation regarding global restrictions on work and life. As some procedures are currently no longer applicable, we will establish new ways of working together within CISPA. Among other things, all employees will work in the home office, meetings are held consistently via video call and a committee at management level will also coordinate closely on current developments and work out new recommendations for action.

Why are we taking this step?

The safety of employees, their families, their friends and the whole community is CISPA’s top priority. Even though there hasn’t been a known case of corona at the centre, anyone can carry the virus without knowing it. There are always very mild to symptom-free cases. And this risk is too high for us.

Do CISPA staff currently travel to conferences or meetings at home and abroad?

Absolutely not. All (international) conferences, if they are currently taking place at all, are prohibited for staff members - unless we can attend digitally. All business trips within Germany and abroad will be postponed.

Is the CISPA currently fully operational?

Yes. As a cyber security research centre, we are in the fortunate position of being able to transfer our work into digital space for a certain period of time.

How long will this working mode last?

No one knows this for sure. The current working conditions are now scheduled to continue until mid-April. We have many researchers and employees with children - and the schools and kindergartens in the Saarland are closed until then.

How can you contact us?

Except for personal contact, all existing channels are still open (email, telephone and social media). In addition, we have and will soon create further, more extensive possibilities (video conferencing, CISPA-wide messenger service). You can find all important telephone numbers on our website.

Is there a confirmed corona case at CISPA?

A student assistant has been infected with the virus in her private life. The disease was diagnosed on March 19. Fortunately there was no contact to any another CISPA employee since the end of February. After consultation with the company doctor, there is therefore no increased risk of infection for you.