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Sebastian Klöckner

Eight new top scientists to start at CISPA

Starting this fall,  new top international scientists will be conducting research at the Cybersecurity Center in Saarbrücken. 

In the current hiring season, CISPA was able to attract outstanding researchers to work at the center. The future faculty will move to Saarbrücken from internationally renowned research institutions. This brings the number of faculty alone at CISPA to 30.

New members are: 

- Aleksandar Bojchevski, formerly from TU Munich

- Christoph Lenzen from the Max Planck Institute for Informatics  

- Julian Loss, formerly from the University of Maryland 

- Karl Wüst from ETH Zurich 

- Mridula Singh from ETH Zurich  

- Rebekka Burkholz from Harvard University  

- Sebastian Brandt, formerly from ETH Zurich 

- Sebastian Stich from EPF Lausanne. 

 They will start their work at CISPA in September and October, respectively. Founding director Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Michael Backes is already enthusiastic about the new colleagues: "We had many, many incredibly strong applications and are glad that we were able to inspire so many great researchers to join CISPA. The quality of the applications, and ultimately the quality of the researchers who are now joining us, shows what an outstanding reputation we have in the community." Relaxing on this success, however, is not an option, he said. "We will now do everything we can to ensure that the new colleagues quickly feel at home with us and have the best conditions for their work."

translated by Tobias Ebelshäuser