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Annabelle Theobald

Moritz Wilhelm wins first place at the CAST Sponsorship Award for IT security with his bachelor's thesis

In his awarded bachelor's thesis, Wilhelm presents the IT security tool retroCSP. It ensures that important functions of the Content Security Policy (CSP) security mechanism can be retrofitted in web browsers.

A CSP can be an effective tool for mitigating damage from so-called cross-site scripting attacks, in which attackers steal sensitive data from Web applications. "However, during analysis, I came across several inconsistent behaviors and security standard violations. retroCSP can fix these problems," Wilhelm says. The tool can be used to reimplement security features that are not universally supported by browsers, keeping CSP up to date with the latest security. Moritz Wilhelm is a master's student at Saarland University and works as a research assistant at CISPA. His bachelor thesis was supervised by CISPA faculty Ben Stock.

The Competence Center for Applied Security Technology (CAST) has been awarding the Förderpreis für IT-Sicherheit ( Sponsorship Award for IT Security) for many years, thus supporting young IT security talent in Germany. The aim of the association is to "confront the growing importance of IT security in all branches of the economy and areas of public administration with the necessary competence and to develop it further."