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Automatic Repair and Deadlock Detection for Parameterized Systems


We present an algorithm for the repair of parameterized systems. The repair problem is, for a given process implementation, to find a refinement such that a given safety property is satisfied by the resulting parameterized system, and deadlocks are avoided. Our algorithm uses a parameterized model checker to determine the correctness of candidate solutions and employs a constraint system to rule out candidates. We apply this algorithm on systems that can be represented as well-structured transition systems (WSTS), including disjunctive systems, pairwise rendezvous systems, and broadcast protocols. Moreover, we show that parameterized deadlock detection can be decided in EXPTIME for disjunctive systems, and that deadlock detection is in general undecidable for broadcast protocols.

Conference / Medium

Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design 2022

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2023-08-03 07:32:08