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Patricia Müller

STARTUP SPACES: DeepSign – Naturally different

Minimalist structure or creative chaos - what kind of atmosphere do our startups work in? We show you their offices in the STARTUP SPACES blog series.


Jannis and Nils from DeepSign apparently water their flowers as often as their AI with new, individual user data. Their habitat is in the back building of a Saarbrücken office complex that is currently under renovation.

The office of DeepSign's two founders, Nils Vossebein and Jannis Froese, can be found among bamboo, shady greenery and a reseda-green steel pergola.


Here, mice of various colors and shapes can be found. They are used to research how user data changes as a result of different devices. With the insights they gather, the team is developing a solution that can eliminate inconvenient authentication methods and entering passwords.


An otter has also settled in the biotope. A gift from the family, explains Nils Vossebein. We definitely pick up ideas for our own office here....

(* Is it even an otter? After all, it "swims" on its back! We talk shop and finally ask Google - but ultimately remain inconclusive. Who knows, please enlighten us:


A Hawaiian dancer, a mythical creature and a wiggly daisy with a red plastic pot, all solar-powered, mingle with the office flora.


Among all the greenery, one trophy stands out. The "GFFT - German Startup Cup", from whose competition DeepSign emerged as the winner in the field of cybersecurity in 2020/2021.



A small Schefflera on the windowsill, a Yucca next to the large steel shelf, a bushy Spathiphyllum, pothos and other offshoots decorate the room. People who spend a lot of time at work like to make themselves at home.

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