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Transfer & OUTREACH

The transfer of our research into its application is one of the core tasks of CISPA. Only in doing so, society and economy can benefit from groundbreaking innovations, state-of-the-art technologies and the latest findings. The research results are transferred to society through knowledge transfer on the one hand and brought to economic utilization through technology transfer on the other.

The forms of knowledge transfer are diverse – they range from public information events and trade fair visits to political consulting and citizen dialogues. In CISPA's own student laboratory, the center additionally offers educational opportunities for schoolchildren and thus begins  with the promotion of young talent at a very early stage. In addition, CISPA is training the cyber security experts of tomorrow, who will contribute their know-how to the job market.

In technology transfer, CISPA particularly focuses on start-ups and entrepreneurship, intellectual property rights and licenses and research cooperation with industry. Transfer takes the form of either application-oriented solutions, e.g. those resulting from research cooperation, or start-ups that implement groundbreaking ideas derived from basic research. These main focuses are supplemented by strategic partnerships with industrial corporations, in which CISPA works on future-oriented topics in diverse areas of technology transfer together with its partners, at its various locations.


In a digital, connected world where technologies are increasingly making decisions autonomously, cybersecurity and privacy concerns us all. CISPA has therefore set its sights on researching these issues in a comprehensive way. In six Research Areas with different focuses, the scientists combine unique foundational and applied research. This combination enables innovation in many ways: Foundational research gives rise to new, forward-looking ideas and practically oriented research deals with real-life applications. One example is the German Corona Contact-Tracing App and the DP3T approach. In addition, the CISPA publishes a large number of its research open source and thus promotes the exchange of research results on a broad level.


In addition to the research cooperations with scientific institutions and industrial companies, strategic partnerships with economic partners are of central importance for the transfer of research into practice. CISPA collaborates with large international companies in long-term projects addressing highly relevant cyber security issues. The overriding goal is to bring secure, highly innovative technologies to the market by bundling complementary competencies and cooperation on multiple transfer levels and thus jointly shaping the future actively and sustainably. The forms of cooperation and topics are as diverse as our partners.


One focus of technology transfer at CISPA lies on research cooperation with commercial enterprises, from start-ups to SMEs and large companies. The joint work is based on the foundational research of CISPA and is designed to gain new insights. Cooperation between the partners takes place at eye level as the participants pursue a common goal. The industrial partners benefit from new technologies, scientific results and know-how that can form the basis for new products and processes. Conversely, CISPA benefits from impulses and perspectives from the economy.


Innovations often result from research. Start-ups are one way of creating added value for society and economy by commercializing these innovations. That is why CISPA supports scientists in transferring research results into new business models and builds up a venture ecosystem.  CISPA Incubator supports early-stage venture teams with a broad range of workshops and consulting. These services foster tomorrows entrepreneurship in cybersecurity. 


CISPA understands itself as a cadre factory for tomorrow's young talents. It pursues a comprehensive approach and begins with raising awareness of the issue of cybersecurity at school level. The offers range from educational events and seminars in the CISPA student laboratory, where the topics are introduced in a playful way, to participation in events such as Girls Day, but also further training for parents and teaching staff. With regard to research, the students, doctoral candidates and young scientists are of course also of central importance. CISPA offers them a top-class education, which enables them to pursue a career in science as well as top jobs in the economy.

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Aug 5, 2024
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Cysec Camp 2024 by CISPA Cysec Lab
Jul 29, 2024
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CISPA Summer School 2024: Cryptography
Jul 22, 2024
to Jul 26, 2024
Summer School 2024: Usable Security


Jul 11, 2024, 9:00 AM
to Jul 11, 2024, 4:00 PM
Open Door at CISPA Cysec Lab
Jul 9, 2024
to Jul 10, 2024
Cysec Lab at "Abi - was dann?"
Jun 14, 2024, 7:00 PM
to Jun 14, 2024, 11:45 PM
Community Exchange CEE#8
Jun 12, 2024
to Jun 16, 2024
Cysec Lab at Explore Science, Mannheim
Apr 25, 2024
to Apr 25, 2024
Girls' Day at Cysec Lab
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