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Christopher Braun

Franco-German cybersecurity workshop a great success 

 First virtual workshop of the Franco-German Center for Cybersecurity

Scientists very well received the first virtual workshop day of the Franco-German Center for Cybersecurity from Nancy and Saarbrücken. 
At a virtual CISPA, the first virtual workshop day of the Franco-German Center for Cybersecurity took place on Thursday, February 4, 2021. The invitation was extended by the directors of the Franco-German Center for Cybersecurity, Prof. Dr. Marine Minier (Professor at the Computer Science Department of the Université de Lorraine and a member of the CARAMBA team of the LORIA Laboratory) and Dr. Antoine Joux (Faculty at CISPA). 

The Center is an association of the largest and most prestigious cybersecurity research centers in Europe. The CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security and the INRIA/Loria in Nancy have been working together on cybersecurity research since last year and are dedicated to strengthening transfer and innovation activities between France and Germany. Leaders on the German side are Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Michael Backes and Prof. Dr. Antoine Joux and on the French side Prof. Dr. Jean-Yves Marion and Prof. Dr. Marine Minier.

Due to the contact restrictions made necessary by the Covid 19 pandemic, this meeting took place in virtual space. CISPA invited its guests to "get together" in its® space, which is modeled after the real building. The subsequent workshop provided an opportunity for researchers from the Franco-German Center for Cybersecurity to present their research and discuss their findings in an exchange with the participating cybersecurity experts. Furthermore, joint projects in different areas of information security were initiated.

Dr. Benoît-Michel Cogliati (junior group leader at CISPA) and Dr. Virginie Lallemand (CNRS researcher in the CARAMBA team of the LORIA Laboratory) preluded the workshop with a presentation on "Deterministic Authenticated Encryption GIAE from the Tweakable Pseudorandom Injection TableSpoon." Dr. Robert Künnemann (junior research group leader at CISPA) then addressed the future design of security protocols in his paper: "Accountability without bounds!". Bizhan Alipourpijani (Ph.D. student at Loria) informed the audience about his Ph.D. thesis on "Online Attacks on Picture Owner Privacy." Finally, Prof. Dr. Jannik Dreier (professor at Université de Lorraine and member of Loria's PESTO team) presented his results on automatic analysis of security protocols in his talk "Automatic Generation of Sources Lemmas in Tamarin: Towards Automatic Proofs of Security Protocols."

"The presentation of the results impressively showed that the synergy effects used lead to innovative and groundbreaking research. We were also able to demonstrate that the center is a talent hotbed for tomorrow's cybersecurity experts thanks to its close supervision and extensive support." (Prof. Dr. Marine Minier)

"The 1st Virtual Workshop Day was a great success and not only informed conference attendees about the current developments in the field of cybersecurity research. It also impressively demonstrated the potential that close cooperation between two outstanding research institutions and excellent scientists holds. It is obvious that the path the center is following and will continue to follow will enable not only groundbreaking research but also grow Franco-German friendship and cooperation." (Dr. Antoine Joux)