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Welcome to CISPA

The CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security is a national Big Science institution within the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers. Our research explores all aspects of Information Security.

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CISPA is committed to the highest academic standards and scientific excellence. It is a world-class research environment that provides its researchers with extensive resources. As the world's leading research center for cybersecurity, CISPA is an exceptional place for the world's best talent and researchers.


Cybersecurity is a young and dynamic field. As Helmholtz Center for Information Security, CISPA is dedicated to cutting-edge foundational research and innovative application-oriented research in cybersecurity, privacy, and artificial intelligence.


IT-security for the young:
Open Day at the CISPA Cysec Lab

On July 11, 2024, the school lab of the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security hosts an open lab day at the Beckerturm in St. Ingbert. Students, teachers and parents are invited to come along and explore many different aspects of IT security. In the morning, there will be different workshops for school classes in grades 5 to 13, while the afternoon will be open to the interested public, especially children, young people, and their parents. As a special highlight, the CISPA Escape Room will also be available to visitors.




That text was way too long and you couldn't bother reading it? In TL;DR, we talk to our researchers about their work on cybersecurity and AI, trying to ask them all the questions that our listeners will be asking themselves about, too.

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Nothing moves more than movies. Which is why we produce our own videos to showcase our research topics but also CISPA life in general. Learn more about our people, our events, and the entire CISPA universe. Moving in so many ways! 

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CISPA Zine: composed of 'CISPA' and 'magazine', derived from the idea of the 'fanzine'. Fanzines are small and often folded magazines created by fans for fans. Published quarterly, the CISPA Zine is for all those interested in our center. 

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CISPA Summer School 2024: Usable Security

Scientific event in July for phD students and graduate students takes place in Saarbruecken from July 22 - 26, 2024.


Aug 5, 2024
to Aug 9, 2024
Cysec Camp 2024 by CISPA Cysec Lab
Jul 29, 2024
to Jul 31, 2024
CISPA Summer School 2024: Cryptography
Jul 22, 2024
to Jul 26, 2024
Summer School 2024: Usable Security
Jul 11, 2024, 9:00 AM
to Jul 11, 2024, 4:00 PM
Open Door at CISPA Cysec Lab
Jul 9, 2024
to Jul 10, 2024
Cysec Lab at "Abi - was dann?"


Jun 14, 2024, 7:00 PM
to Jun 14, 2024, 11:45 PM
Community Exchange CEE#8
Jun 12, 2024
to Jun 16, 2024
Cysec Lab at Explore Science, Mannheim
Apr 25, 2024
to Apr 25, 2024
Girls' Day at Cysec Lab



In this highly connected world, graph problems are at the algorithmic heart of many computational challenges.


Trust- Worthy INFORMATION Processing

This research area strives to improve privacy and to develop new frameworks for efficient and secure data handling.


Reliable Security Guarantees

The fragile security of today's IT infrastructures is the result of an ongoing arms race between attackers and defenders. Formal methods offer a way out of this arms race. Based on mathematically precise models, they can systematically eliminate entire classes of attack strategies.



Threat Detection & Defenses

The defense mechanisms of the future must be able to reliably detect, predict, and explain both known and novel attacks, while also being able to cope with evasion techniques such as obfuscation.


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Secure connected & Mobile Systems

Critical infrastructures such as our energy supply and communication networks are under constant threat. Vulnerable computer systems can be exploited, spied on, and sabotaged. We explore how mobile and autonomous systems can be designed and implemented in a secure manner.


Empirical & Behavioral SECURITY

We need security solutions that actually work in practice, not only in theory. Achieving this is not possible without empirical research insights. We focus on the ways in which people and technology interact.




CISPA offers full-time positions to PhD students. Cooperating with our research-group leaders and lecturers, PhD students have the opportunity to acquire new techniques and methodologies and receive support for their research projects.


Promoting early-career scientists is part and parcel of our identity as a world-leading research center. PhD students who are enrolled at one of the universities we cooperate with are also eligible for the position of research assistant at CISPA. It is our goal is to train outstanding researchers and to support them in all stages of their scientific careers.

Needless to say, CISPA also offers exciting career opportunities in the non-scientific sector, for example in administration and corporate communications.


CISPA is a great place to be for all our researchers and staff. At our research center, everybody is on first-name terms and (almost) everybody likes to play table soccer after work. And, needless to say, we all enjoy a little chitchat in the hallway. 

And because nothing connects people like food and fun, we often come together for a lunch break, an after-work drink, and leisure activities.

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