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In strategic partnerships CISPA conducts, together with large international companies, intensive research addressing highly relevant topics across the entire spectrum of cybersecurity.


International cooperations and long-term projects

To achieve this goal, the partners involved pool their expertise in long-term projects to tackle socially critical issues in depth, such as the safe application of artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles or the protection of critical infrastructures. This is the only way to guarantee safe and trustworthy technologies and to strengthen the business sector and the innovation potential. 

Three key aspects of technology transfer are decisive for a comprehensive approach:


Start-ups & Entrepreneurship


Research Cooperations


Industrial Property Rights and Licensing

These are taken up in the projects and complemented and extended by further levels of industry transfer. In addition to research on foundational research-oriented and socially critical issues, there is also a joint exchange with politics and society, in order to actively influence the future and to shape and improve it sustainably. This cooperation can take many different forms.



Scientific Strategy

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