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Laura Jane Jahke

CISPA startup DeepSign among the four best security startups in Germany

CISPA startup DeepSign in the finals of the German Cybersecurity Cup

CISPA startup DeepSign aims to revolutionize authentication and bring the technology of the future to the workplace. With its novel, user-friendly approach, the founding team prevailed in the semi-finals of the German Cybersecurity Cup, both with the audience and the distinguished jury (including the Chief Information Security Officers at Deutsche Bahn AG and Henkel KGaA). DeepSign uses artificial intelligence to create a model of how users interact with the mouse and keyboard. This interaction pattern can replace cumbersome authentication via other devices or repeated password entries when logging on to a computer. Moreover, unlike other biometric features such as via face or fingerprint, the interactions cannot simply be copied unnoticed or accidentally passed on like passwords.

DeepSign is a breakthrough for IT security, especially in these uncertain times when phishing attacks have become commonplace, and employees working in the home office use different networks. The CISPA startup has already found a pilot customer.

In addition to cutting-edge research in cybersecurity, CISPA also supports young startups with its startup incubator. Furthermore, CISPA provides framework structures to optimally exploit the potential of excellent cybersecurity research for industry and business. The core area is financial project funding through both CISPA-internal and external ventures. In addition, CISPA supports the respective teams with coaching and consulting in various subject areas to ensure ideal conditions for market entry and market placement.

Those interested in watching the finals online on June 29 are welcome to contact