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Smooth Transition of Vehicles' Maximum Speed for Lane Detection based on Computer Vision


This paper presents a prototype electric scooter designed to detect the driving lane via computer vision and automatically set the vehicular configuration. The electric scooter can drive on the pedestrian, bicycle, or car lanes. The government enforces maximum speeds on each lane for the electric scooter. Our prototype scooter would apply those regulations securely, with the help of a computer vision component. However, the safety of such a system is still part of the concern and research is going on the security and safety aspects of such vehicular systems. The maximum speed changes while the driver is riding the vehicle at the fastest possible speed could cause a safety hazard. To prevent that, we proposed to use the logarithmic speed reduction or acceleration. The results show that such an algorithm will smooth the transition between the maximum of the vehicle.

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2022 IEEE 96th Vehicular Technology Conference

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2022-10-13 09:15:26