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Patricia Müller

Sunny prospects for

A few weeks ago, the team supported by CISPA moved into new rooms on the 6th floor of the Science Park tower in Saarbrücken.



The view of the university campus underneath and the surrounding forest is great for thinking. There is not much left to see of the move. The atmosphere is already pleasantly productive.

One thing that can't be missing? For Nico Herbig it was instantly clear: the espresso machine.

The flagship startup has hired nearly 40 new employees in the past year and a half, bringing the team to more than 60 AI experts.

In cooperation with CISPA, the young company has made it its goal to detect forgeries among digitized documents processed by AI.

The document recognition of can now be tested and integrated by developers themselves. In the beta version, interested persons can register and gain access to various APIs: from essential basic technologies such as high-performance OCR to the automation of invoices, sales slips and credit notes, developers can connect their systems via an easy-to-use API in no time at all and thus benefit from state-of-the-art AI processes.