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Patricia Müller

4 million euros for Kertos

CISPA-backed startup Kertos has announced its seed round with participation from Berlin-based Redstone/VR Ventures, Pi Labs (London) and Seed + Speed Ventures (Berlin), while existing investors 10x Founders, xdeck and Superlyst are doubling their initial investment just ten months after the pre-seed round.

Kertos is the first true data privacy & compliance automation product in Europe, leading the next generation of European privacy technology. Through its no-code system integrations and automated privacy workflows, Kertos closes the gap between data privacy regulation and its operational execution. The Kertos Privacy OS puts privacy operations first, enabling cross-functional teams to focus on their business again while embracing privacy rights.

Within the incubation at CISPA, Kertos has set out to make data subjects' data even more secure. This is because when a company orders the processing of personal data, the data is passed on to Kertos, displayed for a short period of time, and then deleted. To make this process even less vulnerable, a zero-trust architecture is designed to minimize the flow of information.

"We are excited to have gained such strong partners in this financing round," said Kilian Schmidt, CEO of Kertos. "The participation of Redstone, seed + speed Ventures, and Pi Labs shows the strong execution of our team and the quick adoption to address the operational needs of e xisting customers such as Gorillas, McMakler or Wellster Healthtech. With these additional funds, we will expand our product range, introduce AI driven compliance automation and will provide our solutions to a wider range of customers."

"We are impressed by the technical excellence and vision of the Kertos team and are delighted to be a part of their growth story," said Philipp Werner, Redstone/VR Ventures. "Through its no-code solution, Kertos secures a seamless execution of global privacy & compliance regulations and implement processes with minimal personnel involvement. In an ever increasing digital economy, for many organizations processing (personal) client data becomes the operational backbone and, therefore, a compliant and efficient data storage/management is crucial."

The additional funds enable Kertos to invest in the further development of their technology platform, expand their product line, and continue to grow their customer base. Additionally, Kertos is entering into new partnerships and collaborations in the coming months to further establish their influence in the industry.

Kertos Website

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How CISPA supports startups during incubation:

With our unique transfer ecosystem, we are bringing modern entrepreneurship and innovative business models to life. Our mission: generating sustainable value by turning world-class research into economic and social innovations. We believe that research and entrepreneurship only reach their full potential when combined. That's why we help potential founders to evaluate their ideas from a market perspective and to find the right contacts and funding opportunities. In our process, each startup undergoes a profound technical evaluation and receives important feedback from the research community. Our team assists with ideation as well as the development of sustainable business models, establishes contacts with its network and answers financing and legal questions. Regarding funding, CISPA offers various attractive options via its own venture capital fund and public funding programs.