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Sebastian Klöckner

Andreas Zeller and Bernd Finkbeiner awarded the state prize for university teaching

The two CISPA Faculty Bernd Finkbeiner and Andreas Zeller were awarded the “Landespreis Hochschullehre” of the Saarland on Wednesday, 19 March, for their course of study “Entrepreneurial Cybersecurity”. This prize of 16,500 € is one of the most important science prizes of the Saarland and is awarded for outstanding achievements in the field of teaching at universities.

In the course of studies “Entrepreneurial Cybersecurity” students found a company as part of their studies. Small groups develop a cybersecurity research idea, whose marketability they repeatedly defend before a jury. At the end of the course, students receive a master’s degree and start their own company. Not only are specialists trained here, but also the company bosses of tomorrow.

Dr. Susanne Reichrath, the Minister President’s Commissioner for Universities, Science and Technology, presented the State Prize for University Teaching, which is offered by the Saarland State Chancellery and awarded by Minister President Tobias Hans. “Special achievements must also be honoured in a special way”, Dr. Susanne Reichrath emphasised at the award ceremony, which for the current occasion was only held in a very small circle in the State Chancellery.

The State Prize for University Teaching was awarded for the 17th time. At the beginning of each year it honours the best projects from the past year.

In 2003, the Landespreis Hochschullehre was awarded for the first time. The prize, which is endowed with 50.000 euros, aims to reward the achievements of teachers at Saarland universities who, with their special commitment, their organisational talent, their way of imparting specialist knowledge and their didactic and methodical approach, provide new impetus for the further development of university teaching.

In addition to the Finkbeiner and Zeller course of study, two other projects in the State Chancellery were honoured.

The winners were selected by a 14-member independent jury of students, university professors and representatives of the State Chancellery.

In a statement at the award ceremony, Minister President Tobias Hans said: “This prize expresses the recognition of politics and society for special courses and concepts and encourages universities to further improve the quality of teaching. At the same time, the prize money gives teachers the opportunity to further expand their project and implement new innovations. In this way, we can create decisive conditions for high-quality academic education for students and increase the attractiveness of the higher education system for future professionals from Saarland, Germany and the whole world”.

Other award winners are Professor Dr. Achim Schröder from the Department of Economics at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes. He receives it for the proposal “ACEEPT Project Week” and the team of Professor Dr. Martin Löffler-Mang, Professor Dr. André Miede and Mrs. Ulrike Mang from the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes. They will receive it for the project: “Live successfully, study successfully - a program for lifelong success”.