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Andrea Ruffing

CISPA Cysec Lab Summer School for high-school students

Registration open: Digital Summer School offering interactive workshops during summer holidays.

Coming up: our digital Cysec Lab Summer School featuring several Cyberscurity topics for high-school students aged 16 and above. 

No matter if you're with your grandparents in the countryside or at home in your village in the mountains, experience your digital excursion with interesting facts and "sights" in the area of IT Security.  In interactive workshops, we will disccover several Cybersecurity topics, experiment with vulnerabilities in a secure test environment granting you an impression of he work of IT-Security researchers. 

The event is ideal for high-school students aged 16-19. Since we will have a digital school this year, we are especially looking forward to non-local participants. You do not require any previous IT-Security knowledge. If you are curious to learn more, that's sufficient!

If you have any questions about the event, send an e-mail to our Cysec-Lab team:!

The event will mostly be in German. If you are looking for our scientific summer school, have a look at:!