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Stuhlsatzenhaus 5
66123 Saarbrücken (Germany)

Awards (selection)

2022: ERC Consolidator Grant for Project "Resilient and Sustainable Software Security"

Short Bio

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Holz is a faculty member at the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security. Before joining CISPA in October 2021, he was a full professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. His research interests include technical aspects of secure systems, with a specific focus on systems security. Thorsten received a Dipl.-Inform. degree in Computer Science from RWTH Aachen University (2005) and the Ph.D. degree from the University of Mannheim (2009). In 2011, he was awarded the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize from the German Research Foundation (DFG) and in 2014 an ERC Starting Grant. He was also co-spokesperson of the Cluster of Excellence "CASA - Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries" (with C. Paar and E. Kiltz) from 2019 to 2021. In recent years, he has served on many program committees and has co-chaired the Program Committee (PC) for two of the leading computer security conferences, namely the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (2021, 2022) and the USENIX Security Symposium (2016).


CV: Last stations

Since 2021
Faculty at CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security
2010 – 2021
Professor at Ruhr University Bochum
2011 – 2020
Security Researcher at Lastline, Inc.
2009 – 2010
Postdoc researcher at Vienna University of Technology

Publications by Thorsten Holz

Year 2014

Conference / Medium

Proceedings of the 17th International Symposium on Research in Attacks, Intrusions and Defenses

Conference / Medium

Proceedings of the 8th USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies (WOOT ’14)

Year 2012

Conference / Medium

19th Annual Symposium on Network and Distributed System Security (NDSS 2012)Proceedings of the 19th Annual Symposium on Network and Distributed System Security (NDSS '12)

Year 2011

Conference / Medium

18th ACM conference on Computer and communications security (ACM CCS 2012)


International Workshop on Trustworthy Embedded Devices (TrustED)

Year 2009

Conference / Medium

Computer Network Defense (EC2ND), 2009 European Conference on