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Felix Koltermann

CISPA in Paris: Kick-off for cooperation with French research center Inria

Today, a workshop kicking off the cooperation between CISPA and Inria, the French National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology, has taken place in the futuristic office towers of Campus Cyber in Paris. In July this year, CISPA and Inria formalized their cooperation in a Memorandum of Understanding. The kick-off workshop now marks the beginning of the work phase. CISPA is further expanding its research cooperation with France and helping to strengthen cross-border collaboration.

Almost twenty researchers from Germany and France convened at the workshop to discuss current research topics relating to cybersecurity and trustworthy artificial intelligence. The workshop took place at the newly founded Campus Cyber, close to the Grande Arche de la Defense, which is a landmark of modern architecture. Initiated by President Emanuel Macron, the Campus Cyber is a project bringing together the most important national and international players in the field of cybersecurity. As such, it provides an ideal venue for the exchange between the CISPA and Inria researchers.

Pitches and presentations

At the heart of the workshop were four longer talks by two CISPA and two INRIA researchers respectively, which lasted into the early afternoon. CISPA-Faculty Professor Dr. Cas Cremers, for example, spoke on cryptographic attacks on security protocols and how they might be automatically detected. CISPA-Faculty Dr. Aurore Fass contributed a talk on "Double X: Static detection of vulnerable data streams in browser extensions on a large scale". Following these talks, there were two sessions in which researchers from both centers pitched ideas and research priorities for future cooperation. The topics ranged from fuzzing cryptographic protocols, secure networks and mobile systems, data protection in assisted learning to trustworthy information processing. Dedicated working groups then discussed these ideas in greater depth and explored their potential for specific cooperation projects.

Making the networked world safer

The cooperation with Inria further strengthens the Franco-German axis in CISPA’s research area. It also highlights the importance of excellent scientific cooperation between France and Germany, not least by promoting digital sovereignty as well as scientific transfer and innovation in both countries. For CISPA-Faculty Dr. Aurore Fass, the importance of this cooperation is evidenced by the fact that cyberattacks transcend national borders. "The cooperation between Inria and CISPA is crucial because it enables us to join forces and make the networked world safer. By working together, we can more effectively address pressing cybersecurity challenges by pooling our knowledge, expertise and resources and promoting innovation and technology transfer worldwide," says Fass.