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Dr. Eduard Martin Prize for Jana Hofmann

The former CISPA researcher was awarded by Saarland University for her outstanding dissertation on "Logical methods for the hierarchy of hyperlogics".

Fourteen fresh graduates with outstanding doctoral theses from a wide range of disciplines received the Dr. Eduard Martin Prize, endowed with 500 euros each, from the Saarland University Society on October 19. One of the young researchers thus honored is Jana Hofmann, who wrote her doctoral thesis under the supervision of CISPA Faculty and University Professor Bernd Finkbeiner and conducted research at CISPA until about a year ago. Hofmann is now a PostDoc at Microsoft in Cambridge.

Due to her stay abroad, Jana could not be present at the award ceremony, so in a three-minute video (in German) she gives some insights into her highly exciting research on logical methods to reason about hyperproperties: