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Annabelle Theobald

Dr. Kevin Streit is the new Chief Operating Officer of CISPA

The former CISPA administration manager Dr. Kevin Streit has been appointed as the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) of CISPA - Helmholtz Center for Information Security. He succeeds Diplom-Kaufmann Bernd Therre, who retired on July 31, 2021, and sadly passed away a short time later.

Kevin Streit's professional career is closely interwoven with the history of CISPA. After studying computer science at Saarland University, the Rhineland-Palatinate native earned his doctorate under current CISPA faculty Prof. Dr. Andreas Zeller. In December 2015, after a brief excursion into the start-up world, he moved into science management and became the administrative coordinator for the Collaborative Research Center that was acquired in 2015. The following year, Streit became CISPA's administration manager and accompanied the Helmholtz Center's founding process, which lasted from 2017 to 2019.

The 37-year-old is looking forward to the challenges his new position will bring and is confident he will also help shape CISPA's future. "I always look where I can profitably contribute, and that will certainly be the case as COO." CISPA founding director and CEO Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Michael Backes welcomes Kevin Streit at his side on the management board, saying, "Kevin Streit prevailed in an extensive selection process, and I dare say rightly so!"