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Usable Security

My research group studies human-centric challenges with security and privacy technology. My interdisciplinary research agenda focusses on disruptive technology and different populations of users ranging from knowledgeable experts like administrators and developers to non-tech savvy end users. I am committed to providing a positive and friendly work environment where my employees can safely unleash their passion for science and make use of their full potential and creativity. Our most recent works focus on expert and end user interactions with cryptographic protocols and tools like HTTPS, Bitcoin, Etherium and secure messaging. Our current works also focus on user-centric and societal aspects of security in the Internet of (everyday) Things. Besides conducting user studies, we are also working on user-centric design approaches to solve well-studied security problems and to construct user-friendly security and privacy technology.

Head of Group

Katharina Krombholz



Stuhlsatzenhaus 5
66123 Saarbrücken (Germany)

Most Recent Publications

Year 2019

Conference / Medium

Workshop on Usable Security and Privacy (USEC) 2019

Year 2018

Conference / Medium

The 25th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS'18)25th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security