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Facts, figures, fun - a card game about our startup community

22 startups, 6 jokers - a game for young and old. To bring the community together, raise awareness about startups and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit, the Startups & Entrepreneurship department created a quartet card game. Because one thing is for sure: fun and knowledge sharing can go hand in hand.

The world of startups is about innovative ideas and hard facts like funding and performance metrics. But it's also about being part of a community that supports and inspires each other. To bring the community together and raise awareness of the startups supported by CISPA, the Startups & Entrepreneurship department has come up with a fun way to network - a Startup Quartet. Interesting facts and figures about the startups can be discovered plus the opportunity to playfully compete with opponents.

The game consists of 28 cards. The focus is on the 22 startup playing cards. The playing cards represent all supported startups in the CISPA ecosystem, up until 2023. From classic IT security and data protection to secure collaboration spaces for creatives - the quartet reflects the diverse range of ideas and initiatives. Each card tells a little story. The cards contain values in the categories of employees, public funding, private funding, nationalities, founding year and LinkedIn followers. The players compete with these key figures. The highlight: there are six jokers, in this case startup help for the startups. These include a hacker, a headhunter, a cosmopolitan, an influencer, an investor and a professor with their special skills.

In a world where facts and figures set the pace, the Startups & Entrepreneurship department has created a playful bridge between hard realities and a creative community with the Startup Quartet. The game is more than just a set of 22 startup cards: it is a journey through the diversity of startups supported in the CISPA ecosystem. If you would like to play the quartet yourself, the best thing to do is to come to the Community Exchange events organized by the Startups & Entrepreneurship department. The next event is scheduled for March 15.