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Usable Security with Dr. Katharina Krombholz

CISPA TL;DR Episode 11

In episode 11 of TL;DR, we talk to CISPA faculty member Dr. Katharina Krombholz about usable security and the question of why security and ease of use in IT are still not sufficiently thought of together. With her research, Katharina wants to ensure that IT security problems are not passed on to users but are solved during the development process.

We also talk about the low percentage of women in academia, compatibility hurdles, and why women need to be more assertive about their place in academia: "Don't let anyone tell you that you first have to prove that you deserve this place. You have the same right to be there as your male colleagues," Katharina advises her colleagues.

The conversation was held in German and is now available here and wherever podcasts are available. Enjoy listening!