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Patricia Müller

CISPA Venture Capital Fonds is launched: First startups pitching to jury

The CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security, together with the investment company Sustainable & Invest GmbH from Frankfurt, is launching the CISPA Venture Capital Fund today. On “Pitch Day #1”, which is taking place in Saarbrücken today, selected startups are presenting themselves to the jury, applying for initial funding. Belonging to the portfolio of Sustainable & Invest, the CISPA Venture Capital Fund invests in innovative startups in the fields of IT security and artificial intelligence.

CISPA startups now have the unique opportunity to receive funding through a newly launched venture capital fund belonging to the portfolio of the internationally active investment company Sustainable & Invest GmbH. In the past months, a team around Dr. Peter Memminger succeeded in raising capital among private-sector investors, which will now benefit the first startups. At "Pitch Day #1", which is happening in Saarbrücken today, seven startups belonging to the CISPA incubator will present themselves to the jury and compete for an investment.

The private-sector capital of the CISPA Venture Capital Fund will enable innovative CISPA startups to advance their business models. The fund is thus filling a significant gap in the market. "In Germany, young companies in the field of cybersecurity unfortunately do not receive the attention or funding they would need to grow and establish themselves," says Max Wolf, Head of Startups & Entrepreneurship at CISPA. "The importance of cybersecurity as a key issue for all economic sectors is not yet sufficiently recognized in Germany and indeed Europe. We want to change that."

As an internationally leading research center for cybersecurity, data protection and secure artificial intelligence, CISPA is achieving important breakthroughs in foundational research. At the same time, it is establishing itself as a hub for innovations and disruptive solutions, transferring scientific findings to the economy. Through the products and services of CISPA startups, scientific progress enters the marketplace, making a sustainable contribution to the development of society. The CISPA Incubator helps young businesses in the field of cybersecurity to reach commercial viability. Startups receive support in raising funds as well as access to the CISPA community and its top researchers.


"Pitch Day #1" is taking place in conjunction with the event „CISPA loves IGB“, which is happening tomorrow, on September 16. As part of "CISPA loves IGB", selected CISPA startups will be presenting their success stories on stage and their own booths. Visitors will have the opportunity to gain exclusive insights in the CISPA Startup Strategy and its import for the economy.