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66386 St. Ingbert (Germany)

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Veröffentlichungen von Nils Ole Tippenhauer

Jahr 2015

Konferenz / Medium

Proceedings of Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems Security & Privacy (SPC-CPS), co-located with CCS

Konferenz / Medium

Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks (WiSec)

Jahr 2014

Konferenz / Medium

Proceedings of the IEEE Pacific Rim International Symposium on Dependable Computing (PRDC)

Konferenz / Medium

Proceedings of the Conference on Quantitative Evaluation of SysTems (QEST)

Jahr 2013

Konferenz / Medium

Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm)

Konferenz / Medium

Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (S&P)

Konferenz / Medium

Proceedings of New Security Paradigm Workshop (NSPW)

Jahr 2012

Konferenz / Medium

Proceedings of IFIP Wireless Days

Lehre von Nils Ole Tippenhauer

Winter 2021/22


The Security core lecture ("Stammvorlesung") will be offered in winter term '21/'22. There is a short teaser video for the lecture (from last year, so there will be some changes to content as Dr. Krombholz is taking over from Dr. Pellegrino).


The kick-off lecture on the 20th of October will be held in a hybrid format; hence we will stream the lecture from GHH.

In the first two weeks of the lecture, we will try different formats (online, hybrid, in person) and see what works best for most of the students and the lecturers to guarantee the best possible learning experience. After the first two weeks, we will send out a survey to ask for feedback and your preference and constraints for planning the remainder of the semester.

For the rest of the semester, our periodic schedule for the two lectures a week will be:

  • Wednesday 12:15-13:45 (online LINK or GHH, TBC)
  • Friday 16:15-17:45 (online LINK or GHH, TBC)



Registration in this CMS is required until 27.10.2021 at 4pm. LSF exam registration is required to participate in the exams (and will be possible until ~1 week before the finals).


Tutorials will start in the week of November 8 and will be held bi-weekly. We will offer both in-person and online tutorials. We will soon provide registrations for Tutorials via CMS.