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Tobias Ebelshäuser

CISPA Innovation Campus to be located in St. Ingbert

Green light for site "Alte Schmelz”

The CISPA Innovation Campus will be located at the "Alte Schmelz" in St. Ingbert. This was announced by the Saarland Ministry of Economics in a press release on Tuesday (October 6, 2020). The statement reads: "The Saarland Council of Ministers has given the green light for the opening and development of the "Alte Schmelz" site in St. Ingbert for the planned CISPA Innovation Campus. The site will provide space for start-ups and the establishment of companies in the fields of information and communication technology, information security and artificial intelligence.

Minister President Tobias Hans: "This lighthouse project brings us a big step closer to our goal of developing Saarland into the heart of Europe in the field of cyber security and AI. Cyber security and AI are not only prize topics for researchers and developers, but also offer real prospects for the Saar economy. After all, those who play a leading role here have good prospects for economic success".

Minister of Economic Affairs Anke Rehlinger: "We are creating a lead investment for the economic future of Saarland. We want to turn excellent research into economic strength and ultimately into jobs. To this end, the CISPA Innovation Campus will be a major step forward". 20 million euros are available for financing from the special fund Zukunftsinitiative, which will be supplemented by ERDF funds as far as possible.

The "Alte Schmelz" site prevailed in a selection process against 30 other sites in the vicinity of the CISPA Helmholtz Center. The Oberbürgermeister of the city of St. Ingbert Ulli Meyer: "The "Alte Schmelz" is a place where life, culture and innovation merge - just 5 minutes by e-bike from CISPA. The decision on the location strengthens St. Ingbert as the heart of the IT industry in the Saarland".

Prof. Michael Backes, founding director of the CISPA Helmholtz Centre for Information Security: "For us, the CISPA Innovation Campus is an absolute key investment in the development of the center. On the campus we can bundle a large part of our spin-off and settlement effects. Many of our start-ups from CISPA research will find a home here, along with other founders. In addition, small and large companies, as well as global players with an eye on cybersecurity and AI, are to settle on "Alte Schmelz". On the campus we can ideally contribute our strengths in digitalization for the economy and thus become a driving force of structural change in Saarland. We are ready”.

Picture: Michael Haßdenteufel