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Stuhlsatzenhaus 5
66123 Saarbrücken (Germany)


EuroSys Roger Needham PhD Award (2020)

NSA Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper Competition Honorable Mention: Meltdown (2019) 

Open Exploit Award: Meltdown and Spectre (2019)

S&P Distinguished Paper Award - Spectre (2019)

CSAW Best Paper Award - Meltdown (2018)

Pwnie Award for Best Privilege Escalation Bug - Meltdown (2018)

Pwnie Awardfor Most Innovative Research - Spectre (2018)

Short Bio

I am Faculty at the Helmholtz Center for Information Security (CISPA) in
Saarbrücken, Germany, with a focus on microarchitectural side-channel
attacks and system security. I obtained my PhD with the title
"Software-based Side-Channel Attacks and Defenses in Restricted
Environments" in 2019 from Graz University of Technology (advised by
Daniel Gruss). I hold two master's degrees, one in computer science and
one in software engineering with a strong focus on security. I am a
regular speaker at both academic and hacker conferences (7 times Black
Hat, CCC, Blue Hat, etc.). I was part of one of the research teams that
found the Meltdown, Spectre, Fallout, and LVI vulnerabilities, as well
as the ZombieLoad vulnerability. I was also part of the KAISER patch,
the basis for Meltdown countermeasures now deployed in every modern
operating system under names such as KPTI or KVA Shadow.

CV: Last four stations

2019 - 2020
Postdoctoral Researcher at Graz University of Technology
2016 - 2019
PhD Student at Graz University of Technology
2012 - 2017
Study assistant for various undergraduate courses focussing on programming and operating systems
2011 - 2017
Master Student (Computer Science & Software Engineering and Management) at Graz University of Technology