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Eva Michely

„Deceptive Security“: CISPA launches its first scrollytelling on security software

With "Deceptive Security", CISPA Helmholtz-Center for Information Security is publishing its first scrollytelling narrative in the field of science transfer. Pivoting on the research of CISPA-Faculty Professor Dr. Cas Cremers, "Deceptive Security" is an engaging narrative that charts the development of the „Tamarin Prover“, a software for the formal verification of security protocols. In 2015, the Tamarin Prover discovered a vulnerability in the draft of the internet standard TLS 1.3.

Today, CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security is launching its first scrollytelling narrative in the field of science transfer. Using text, graphics, and scrollable animations, "Deceptive Security" describes the research effort that went into the development of the "Tamarin Prover" software. Based on mathematical proofs, the Tamarin Prover analyzes encryption protocols such as TLS for vulnerabilities and security issues. The scrollytelling was developed, written and designed by the CISPA department for Scientific Engineering.

In 2012, CISPA-Faculty Professor Dr. Cas Cremers developed the Tamarin Prover in collaboration with a group of researchers at the ETH Zurich. To illustrate the relevance of both the Tamarin Prover and the cybersecurity research behind it, "Deceptive Security" uses compelling visuals to depict an important success of the Tamarin Prover: In 2015, the Tamarin Prover helped a group of researchers led by Cas Cremers to discover and fix a security vulnerability in the draft of the TLS 1.3 internet standard. "Deceptive Security" recounts this research success in the style of a true-crime documentary.

Georg Demme, Head of Scientific Engineering at CISPA, explains the idea behind "Deceptive Security": "With this scrollytelling, we hope to get IT students excited about cybersecurity and to promote career paths in science. The professional biography of CISPA-Faculty Cas Cremers shows how exciting the life of a scientist can be, and his Tamarin Prover demonstrates the social relevance of cybersecurity research."

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