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Vaibhav Bajpai becomes Research Group Leader at CISPA's Hanover Satellite

For the new year, Dr. Vaibhav Bajpai takes up his new position in Hannover, where he and his team will primarily conduct research on improving the performance, reliability, security, and privacy of Internet applications.

Bajpai joins CISPA from the Technical University of Munich and says, "I am very much looking forward to working with the excellent scientists at CISPA." One of the topics he would like to advance together with his colleagues is securing emerging cyber-physical systems. These include, for example, networked industrial machines or devices in the Internet of Things. In addition, Bajpai is interested in promoting the spread of privacy-enhancing protocols to prevent the creation of wide-ranging user profiles on the Internet. By building decentralized systems, Bajpai also sees an opportunity to strengthen the digital sovereignty of users.

Bajpai's previous research awards include a Best of CCR Award, a Best Paper Award from SIGCOMM, and an IEEE Comsoc Award for the best dissertation in "Network and Service Management." 

translated by Oliver Schedler