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Annabelle Theobald

Xiao Zhang to become new CISPA faculty member

The number of our senior scientists continues to grow. On October 1, Xiao Zhang will join CISPA from the University of Virginia.

Zhang's research interests lie at the intersection of machine learning (ML) and security, including adversarial machine learning, statistical machine learning, and ML model optimization. "In particular, I am currently focused on understanding why machine learning models fail in certain scenarios. I plan to use the insights gained to develop more reliable and trustworthy machine learning models," Xiao Zhang explains.

He is a final-year PhD student and looks forward to his move to CISPA as tenure-track faculty: " CISPA is a world-class research center on information security, which aligns well with my research interests. In addition, the high-collaborating research environment at CISPA also attracts me a lot," said Zhang, a native of Beijing.

Xiao is looking forward to working with students to develop new research ideas, collaborating with other faculty, and pushing the boundaries of security through machine learning at CISPA.

translated by: Oliver Schedler